Alpha Media: Global Impressions in Printing
Herald of Printing and Publishing
From the time Papyrus leaves were used for writing and preserving communication in Ancient India, printing, in diverse ways and on different material, supported the passing down of knowledge and history, to posterity.

From the time of the Basel Mission and the thousands of Christian missionaries, modern printing came to play a big role both in religious communication and secular. From Letterpress, to the offset and to digital printing, the Printing Industry has grown in a mighty way.


India – The Destination of Companies Worldwide:

The proof of all the great things that are happening is manifested in the growing number of foreign companies, that are getting their printing done in India.
Alpha Media: Outstanding Leadership in Printing and Logistics
Alpha Media offers world-class printing services to its global clientele. Having a consortium of India’s most reputed Printing Establishments, Alpha Media can produce for you masterpieces of any assignment in printing, with State of the Art Technology. Together with our rigid delivery schedules, and world –class quality, meticulous care is taken from concept to completion. Minute to Minute supervision and on - the - spot inspection makes your book a masterpiece in our professional hands.
We undertake the printing of:
  Books of any size
  Holy Bibles
  Multivolume Encyclopedias
  Any other Printing work
Perfection in execution and prompt delivery are our hall marks.
Warehousing, Logistics Planning & Supply Chain Management:
Our highly effective supply chain management and expertise in executing with sound logistics have made us deliver on time every time.
Our integrated services from manuscripts to final book printing, distribution, warehousing and comprehensive world – wide logistics capabilities, provides with a turnkey publishing solution.

For further details contact: info@alpha.org.in

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